Saturn in Sagittarius

First a word about the meaning of the planet Saturn


Saturn represents the often challenging experiences in this life that balance out our failures from a previous incarnation, and can teach us a serious lesson in patience and maturity.

Saturn’s job in our chart/life is to call attention to our lapses, problems, shortcomings,immaturities, bad choices, etc. Anything we may be doing wrong in whatever category (sign and house) of our chart/life Saturn is transiting. Any areas of our life where patience, reality and maturity are needed can also be shown by the aspects (mathematical relationships to other planets) to Saturn and with the issues of the sign Saturn was transiting when you were born.

Not a fun job for you or Saturn.
But necessary for seeing what and where to upgrade and improve, which are Saturn’s goals.

Saturn, by it’s position in our chart, will show us what the issue is really about, how and where this challenge to upgrade will occur, and who will be involved.

Saturn Demands ‘the right thing’, hard work, the best job, the most effort, the most time, the most research, the best game plan, and as always, patience and mature deliberation. What ever is necessary to upgrade or improve the the Saturn issue.

Saturn’s Demands to upgrade in your chart/life are shown by the problems, blocks, hassles, critiques, challenges and frustrations you encounter regarding your Saturn issues and by the issues of the area Saturn is presently transiting in your chart/life.

Saturn knows that if you don’t see it you won’t change, upgrade or improve it.