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Sun Sign Cancer

The Sun is in the Sign (part of the sky) called Cancer each year from June 21 to July 21.
Cancer, the fourth sign in the zodiac is a cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs are highly motivated to achieve something. Cancer, being a water sign, is highly motivated to achieve emotional and material comfort and safety. Feelings of security – emotional intimacy – nurturing – affection and family – all are natural Cancer expressions.

Cancer is the sign that represents the continuity of family and ancestry. The past is important in some way to Cancer. Since Cancer rules family and parents, the safety, security and nurturing in their early environment can have a big influence on their later development.

Cancer is very sensitive and can be easily hurt, and become withdrawn. But difficult feelings, which if suppressed, can eat away at Cancers, are meant to be released and are healthier if expressed.

Their drive to safety can make them strong willed, wanting things their own way. But their need to care for others can make them a welcome addition to any group.

The planet synonymous with Cancer is the Moon, mysterious and changeable. In birth chart interpretations, the Moon represents 1/3 of your personality. The emotional, intuitive, nurturing part of you. To have the Sun in the sign of Cancer puts more attention on or expands these qualities and attributes. Family – femininity – emotionally intimate relationships – parents – parenting – giving and receiving affection and nurturing – land – property – your living space – your emotional support group.

Being in tune with intuition is a Cancer focus. Cancer rules the seat of intuition and feelings, the abdomen. Tuning in to the responses and feelings in the abdomen can be an extra source of information for Cancer: being both natural and vital to their inner balance. ‘How do I feel about this’, is a question Cancers should ask themselves often.

The parts of the body besides the abdomen relating to Cancer are the breasts and the stomach. This gives Cancer a strong affiliation with food. The breasts create food and feed, the stomach receives food and digests. The planting, growing, feeding and eating of food can be a soothing and rewarding experience for Cancer. But a tendency to use food as a substitute for love when frustrated, lonely, or challenged can be problematic for Cancer.

Many great chefs/cooks are born under the sign of Cancer. Cancer is creative in the kitchen, upgrading and improving familiar recipes. The feelings the food/menu evoke are an important factor in the food experience for them, and traditional and childhood favorites appear often.

Cancer symbol is the crab. And like the crab who can get you in its vice-like claw, Cancer can have trouble letting go easily and have a tendency to be possessive especially if they are emotionally attached. Things with a history can have a deep meaning for them.

Femininity is another attribute of Cancer. The Moon, Cancer’s planet rules women, mother and femininity in general. Femininity is attractive, not assertive, and draws energy to itself instead of taking action. Cancer can be the natural nurturer/mother, affectionate and supportive.

Their focus on feelings means that Cancers need to be careful not to let emotions swamp their logic. All signs have a more positive expression when they remember to combine the attributes of their sun sign with the attributes of their opposite sun sign. For Cancer, that is the sun sign of Capricorn, the factual, Logical, mature, controlled sign of responsibility. The Cancer who can balance and mix intuition with facts is always the most successful. This balance is true of all signs.

Most Cancers are loving and generous with their families, female friends and/or their emotional support group. Treat them gently. Ask them how they feel, hug them a lot and they will lovingly repay you.