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The Moon’s Nodes

The Moon’s nodes represent the two points in the chart were the moon crosses the ecliptic or the path of the sun. This journey of the moon around the sky has been classically called “the dragon”.

The North Node (named Rahu), the head of the dragon, crosses the ecliptic going north or upwards.

The South Node (named Ketu), the tail of the dragon, crosses the ecliptic going south or downward.

The Nodes are always opposite each other. They slowly travel  backwards through the signs, staying in their respective signs about 2 years.

Their journey is representative of the soul’s journey thru time and lives. The rest of the chart placements represent the path the soul has chosen to travel  on to achieve it’s goal in this life.

As physics has proven no energy ever dies, only changes form. The inclusion of the Moon’s nodes in Western Astrology has added a spiritual dimension by showing the continuous thread of the soul’s journey thru its many lives and forms.

The South Node represents the soul’s previous step of growth and development. A talent you’ve successfully integrated into your DNA. There is no more to be learned here. You’ve got it all.

The North Node shows the qualities and experiences you need to pull your present life together. It is always opposite the South Node. The opposites imply that a balance is needed here. The South Node shows what is dangerously overdeveloped.  Because its qualities and experience worked so well in the past and you did a lot there in order to really learn it. It being the past life’s step of soul growth, as shown by the South Nodes astrological house placement and position.

The North Node represents the present step of soul’s growth and what works to bring real inner and outer fulfillment now and where and how to balance the two nodes and grow at the same time. The attributes of the planets the north node conjuncts,  the astrological house and sign it’s in, all combine to provide THE ANSWER to your soul’s growth,  joy and fulfillment in this life.

As a Western Astrologer with more than 50 years experience,  I feel the nodes are the most important points in the chart. If I could only tell you one thing about your chart I would pick the Nodes. Certainly personality and path are important but they are only the vehicle the soul has chosen to navigate its journey thru this life. It is the driver or the soul that is paramount for true evolutionary development.

Chiron: Where Our Ethical Standards Are Tested

Originally Posted on July 7, 2011

Much has been written by many great astrologers about Chiron. He is known as the wounded healer and was discovered on November 1, 1977 in between Saturn and Uranus in the Sky and contains the attributes of both a comet and an asteroid. This theme of half one thing and half another and being different runs throughout his mythic story.

Chiron was a Centaur. Half man and half horse Although centaurs had a human side they were not very civil. They were an unruly lot. Rejected by his natural parents Chiron was fostered by the Sun God Apollo who taught him many advanced skills: music, art and prophecy. This rejection and abandonment was only a part of Chiron’s wounds. The part of being a different outsider, half asteroid, half comet, half man, half horse, half God, half human and very different from the rest of the centaurs.

Chiron was known as the guide to the Gods in their spiritual initiations. Also as a great healer. Here in these two paths lies the rest of the reason for his wound and suffering We know the source of his wound was a lethal poison tipped arrow. But being half immortal from his father the God Saturn he could not die only suffer.

The real crux of the matter is that Chiron himself created this poison going against all his moral and ethical standards as a healer and spiritual guide. .The irony is that he was wounded by his own creation.

The placement of Chiron in our charts represents this dilemma in our lives. It seems to say that if we go against our highest ethics here we are open to wounding ourselves. Also if there is a problem happening here it is always because of our own actions. When the rubber band snaps and the Karmic Retribution appears we have no one to blame but ourselves and our own behavior or choices.

Staying on the high road where Chiron falls in our charts is the only answer. It is the place where we cannot cheat, even a little or our own poison arrow comes back to zap us. We can never comporomise our ethical standards where Chiron is placed in our charts.. Finding out the sign house andd aspects Chiron is making in your chart can help to keep you from your own poison arrows!

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