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Aspects to the Natal Chart of the USA

Posted on October 24, 2011

Here is a presentation I made last month at Pecha Kucha Night in Taos, New Mexico. I want to thank Maurice Lavenant for information and inspiration for this article.

I’m fascinated with the wealth of information in the Natal Chart of the United States. This chart illuminates the United States’ basic character, personality, its approach to its people and government and defines its role in relationship to the rest of the world.

Tonight I’ll discuss the aspects and challenges in the natal chart of the United States. This chart affects all of us as we are the United States.

The birth chart of the U.S. has four planets, all in the 7th house of relationships and open enemies, implying a public face of sensitivity to others and an inner obsession with security at any cost.

With four planets in Cancer, representing the public persona of the U.S., it tends to present a bossy mother-knows-best face to others, but is obsessed with its own security and has a tendency to exaggerate security issues. Pluto in Capricorn, opposing these four Cancer planets, from the U.S. area of money and finances, reflects a fixed, inflexible, conservative approach to its own monetary needs ahead of sharing or cooperating with others and a tendency to keep real motives hidden.

The  U.S. natal Mercury, opposing powerful Pluto from the U.S. area of money and finances, suggests an obsession with money and a tendency to abuse it and deep-seated, hidden issues regarding the sharing of resources.

The U.S. also has Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and lies to self and others, in the U.S. area of law and ethics This planet is stressfully aspecting the U.S. Mars, the planet of war and aggression. This aspect reflects a subversive, covert and underhanded element, a dishonesty in managing war and aggression.

The aspects the U.S. is experiencing now are called squares and oppositions – Aspects of challenge to change. These aspects are seen as difficult adjustments.

This year transiting Uranus will stressfully aspect both the natal Venus and Jupiter of the U.S. These two aspects demand radical changes in the handling of resources, money and finance, as well as the techniques of running the government offices.

Uranus demands a more humanitarian, up-to-date approach that includes the needs of the U.S. citizens as a group. These squares can reflect a radical, unexpected change of direction that will affect the money and finances of the U.S. citizens and change the course of government techniques. These squares, from Uranus in the U.S. area of the public, could cause a great division among different groups of people, who see their security threatened, both for and against these changes and could ultimately stimulate more public involvement.

These squares to Uranus directly affect the rights of the public and are asking for a stronger participation in how tax money is spent. Uranus the planet of revolution will continue to agitate the public to demand change. While Pluto opposing the U.S. planets will trigger a desire in the citizens toward more openness in both government and hidden impersonal monetary controls.
Transiting Pluto in the U.S. area representing money and finance, opposite the U.S. Cancer planets, will be a struggle between hidden wealth, impersonal corporate issues and the personal rights, finances, and taxes of the U.S. citizens. This will be a chance for a change of direction, but the doctrine of permanent war and population control as well as the countless wounds inflicted on people for decades as a result of this approach have been integrated into the economy for so long that it will require extreme effort to achieve radical change.

But as these oppositions confront the traditional and hidden motives of the U.S. government, more and more previously submerged manipulations by wealthy individuals, impersonal corporate entities, as will as the government itself, will be dramatically revealed. These revelations will further agitate citizens toward much needed changes. These aspects happen periodically and offer us an opportunity to upgrade our public participation and make constructive changes in government techniques. But these Uranus and Pluto aspects specifically ask for more public participation in government decisions.

Surely, we know no amenities are forthcoming – no arts, schools, services, roads, bridges, jobs will appear without Saturn – the planet of preparation, hard work, responsibilities and taxes. These change aspects happening in the U.S. chart challenge us to assert our voices as a group. With Pluto aspects, power structures are changing. Now public rights and public responsibilities can change. Collectively, Pluto and Uranus request that the tax-paying public’s voice and citizens’ rights be counted in techniques of running the government. With the US. Moon in Aquarius the citizens will always rally for higher ideals,equality within the group and the cutting edge of revolutionary directions.

In conclusion, through it seems that astrological odds are stacked against us, it is up to the American people to stand against these tyrannies and create a new order. We must choose healthier ways to express our energy and drive than perpetual war, destruction of the earth and/or nuclear oblivion. If we fail to change, we can expect ecological ruin and omnipresent war into the 22nd Century. Without change, the United States will follow in the footsteps of the empires of the past and the glorious possibilities will crumble with potentially catastrophic results for the people, the country and the planet.

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