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Sun Sign Cancer

The Sun is in the Sign (part of the sky) called Cancer each year from June 21 to July 21.
Cancer, the fourth sign in the zodiac is a cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs are highly motivated to achieve something. Cancer, being a water sign, is highly motivated to achieve emotional and material comfort and safety. Feelings of security – emotional intimacy – nurturing – affection and family – all are natural Cancer expressions.

Cancer is the sign that represents the continuity of family and ancestry. The past is important in some way to Cancer. Since Cancer rules family and parents, the safety, security and nurturing in their early environment can have a big influence on their later development.

Cancer is very sensitive and can be easily hurt, and become withdrawn. But difficult feelings, which if suppressed, can eat away at Cancers, are meant to be released and are healthier if expressed.

Their drive to safety can make them strong willed, wanting things their own way. But their need to care for others can make them a welcome addition to any group.

The planet synonymous with Cancer is the Moon, mysterious and changeable. In birth chart interpretations, the Moon represents 1/3 of your personality. The emotional, intuitive, nurturing part of you. To have the Sun in the sign of Cancer puts more attention on or expands these qualities and attributes. Family – femininity – emotionally intimate relationships – parents – parenting – giving and receiving affection and nurturing – land – property – your living space – your emotional support group.

Being in tune with intuition is a Cancer focus. Cancer rules the seat of intuition and feelings, the abdomen. Tuning in to the responses and feelings in the abdomen can be an extra source of information for Cancer: being both natural and vital to their inner balance. ‘How do I feel about this’, is a question Cancers should ask themselves often.

The parts of the body besides the abdomen relating to Cancer are the breasts and the stomach. This gives Cancer a strong affiliation with food. The breasts create food and feed, the stomach receives food and digests. The planting, growing, feeding and eating of food can be a soothing and rewarding experience for Cancer. But a tendency to use food as a substitute for love when frustrated, lonely, or challenged can be problematic for Cancer.

Many great chefs/cooks are born under the sign of Cancer. Cancer is creative in the kitchen, upgrading and improving familiar recipes. The feelings the food/menu evoke are an important factor in the food experience for them, and traditional and childhood favorites appear often.

Cancer symbol is the crab. And like the crab who can get you in its vice-like claw, Cancer can have trouble letting go easily and have a tendency to be possessive especially if they are emotionally attached. Things with a history can have a deep meaning for them.

Femininity is another attribute of Cancer. The Moon, Cancer’s planet rules women, mother and femininity in general. Femininity is attractive, not assertive, and draws energy to itself instead of taking action. Cancer can be the natural nurturer/mother, affectionate and supportive.

Their focus on feelings means that Cancers need to be careful not to let emotions swamp their logic. All signs have a more positive expression when they remember to combine the attributes of their sun sign with the attributes of their opposite sun sign. For Cancer, that is the sun sign of Capricorn, the factual, Logical, mature, controlled sign of responsibility. The Cancer who can balance and mix intuition with facts is always the most successful. This balance is true of all signs.

Most Cancers are loving and generous with their families, female friends and/or their emotional support group. Treat them gently. Ask them how they feel, hug them a lot and they will lovingly repay you.

Saturn in Sagittarius

The planet Saturn will be in the sign of Sagittarius from December 23, 2014 until December 21, 2017. Three years. A half a year longer than it’s average time of two and one half years.

During this transit, Saturn in Sagittarius will aspect (make a mathematical relationship to) all the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. All these aspects are challenging and will demand upgrades and improvements in specific areas, depending on where the mutable signs are in your chart/life.

First: Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn, the planet of limitation, in Sagittarius, the sign of growth will demand a balanced mixture of the two and require careful planning in all areas involving confidence, optimism, and expansion and may focus on issues of Law, Medicine, Advertisement, Travel, and/or Religion.

Sagittarius represents confidence: both over and under confidence.
Saturn represents self esteem: both high and low self esteem.
If we have any problems, shortcomings, imbalances or lapses in these areas they will be revealed to us between now and December 21, 2017.

Sagittarius represents understanding our boundaries. Saturn tests and/or limits boundaries and demands the best, most mature, realistic plan in any area of growth thru Dec. 21,2017.

Be alert to signs of over-confidence. Be sure during this transit to check the details. The time, the money, the equipment, the talent: do you have what’s necessary to complete the goal? Be sure your plan is realistic. Sagittarius often over estimates and overlooks details.
Saturn will call your attention to any overconfidence, over-estimation or unreality.

Upgrading, improving and/or maturing you is Saturn’s goal. Remember how he works.
Blocks, hassles, critiques, problems, challenges, frustrations and tests point the way to the areas that need attention, upgrading and improvement.

There is no Saturn (growth/maturity) without some Saturn effort: hard work, time spent, patience, homework, research, lessons learned, a solid, realistic plan, money spent, changes made. So go slow and pay careful and honest attention to the area of your chart/life that contains the Sign of Sagittarius.

If you have planets in the sign of Sagittarius, when Saturn reaches their degree in your chart it will be an end and a beginning of the attributes, qualities and expressions represented by that planet. The beginning of a new 30 year cycle of approach to the issues represented by that planet. Each new cycle of Saturn can represent a maturing (Saturn) and a redirecting (new cycle) of the issues and expressions of that planet.

If you have a Sagittarius rising, (ascendant) at some time between Dec. 23, 2014 and Dec. 21, 2017 You will have a Major life, goal, appearance, energy and direction change. At some point during the Transit of Saturn in Sagittarius you will begin a new 30 year cycle of growth, maturity and career direction. You will begin anew as a new person. Still you but different.

Saturn in Sagittarius

First a word about the meaning of the planet Saturn


Saturn represents the often challenging experiences in this life that balance out our failures from a previous incarnation, and can teach us a serious lesson in patience and maturity.

Saturn’s job in our chart/life is to call attention to our lapses, problems, shortcomings,immaturities, bad choices, etc. Anything we may be doing wrong in whatever category (sign and house) of our chart/life Saturn is transiting. Any areas of our life where patience, reality and maturity are needed can also be shown by the aspects (mathematical relationships to other planets) to Saturn and with the issues of the sign Saturn was transiting when you were born.

Not a fun job for you or Saturn.
But necessary for seeing what and where to upgrade and improve, which are Saturn’s goals.

Saturn, by it’s position in our chart, will show us what the issue is really about, how and where this challenge to upgrade will occur, and who will be involved.

Saturn Demands ‘the right thing’, hard work, the best job, the most effort, the most time, the most research, the best game plan, and as always, patience and mature deliberation. What ever is necessary to upgrade or improve the the Saturn issue.

Saturn’s Demands to upgrade in your chart/life are shown by the problems, blocks, hassles, critiques, challenges and frustrations you encounter regarding your Saturn issues and by the issues of the area Saturn is presently transiting in your chart/life.

Saturn knows that if you don’t see it you won’t change, upgrade or improve it.

The Moon’s Nodes

The Moon’s nodes represent the two points in the chart were the moon crosses the ecliptic or the path of the sun. This journey of the moon around the sky has been classically called “the dragon”.

The North Node (named Rahu), the head of the dragon, crosses the ecliptic going north or upwards.

The South Node (named Ketu), the tail of the dragon, crosses the ecliptic going south or downward.

The Nodes are always opposite each other. They slowly travel  backwards through the signs, staying in their respective signs about 2 years.

Their journey is representative of the soul’s journey thru time and lives. The rest of the chart placements represent the path the soul has chosen to travel  on to achieve it’s goal in this life.

As physics has proven no energy ever dies, only changes form. The inclusion of the Moon’s nodes in Western Astrology has added a spiritual dimension by showing the continuous thread of the soul’s journey thru its many lives and forms.

The South Node represents the soul’s previous step of growth and development. A talent you’ve successfully integrated into your DNA. There is no more to be learned here. You’ve got it all.

The North Node shows the qualities and experiences you need to pull your present life together. It is always opposite the South Node. The opposites imply that a balance is needed here. The South Node shows what is dangerously overdeveloped.  Because its qualities and experience worked so well in the past and you did a lot there in order to really learn it. It being the past life’s step of soul growth, as shown by the South Nodes astrological house placement and position.

The North Node represents the present step of soul’s growth and what works to bring real inner and outer fulfillment now and where and how to balance the two nodes and grow at the same time. The attributes of the planets the north node conjuncts,  the astrological house and sign it’s in, all combine to provide THE ANSWER to your soul’s growth,  joy and fulfillment in this life.

As a Western Astrologer with more than 50 years experience,  I feel the nodes are the most important points in the chart. If I could only tell you one thing about your chart I would pick the Nodes. Certainly personality and path are important but they are only the vehicle the soul has chosen to navigate its journey thru this life. It is the driver or the soul that is paramount for true evolutionary development.

Chiron: Where Our Ethical Standards Are Tested

Originally Posted on July 7, 2011

Much has been written by many great astrologers about Chiron. He is known as the wounded healer and was discovered on November 1, 1977 in between Saturn and Uranus in the Sky and contains the attributes of both a comet and an asteroid. This theme of half one thing and half another and being different runs throughout his mythic story.

Chiron was a Centaur. Half man and half horse Although centaurs had a human side they were not very civil. They were an unruly lot. Rejected by his natural parents Chiron was fostered by the Sun God Apollo who taught him many advanced skills: music, art and prophecy. This rejection and abandonment was only a part of Chiron’s wounds. The part of being a different outsider, half asteroid, half comet, half man, half horse, half God, half human and very different from the rest of the centaurs.

Chiron was known as the guide to the Gods in their spiritual initiations. Also as a great healer. Here in these two paths lies the rest of the reason for his wound and suffering We know the source of his wound was a lethal poison tipped arrow. But being half immortal from his father the God Saturn he could not die only suffer.

The real crux of the matter is that Chiron himself created this poison going against all his moral and ethical standards as a healer and spiritual guide. .The irony is that he was wounded by his own creation.

The placement of Chiron in our charts represents this dilemma in our lives. It seems to say that if we go against our highest ethics here we are open to wounding ourselves. Also if there is a problem happening here it is always because of our own actions. When the rubber band snaps and the Karmic Retribution appears we have no one to blame but ourselves and our own behavior or choices.

Staying on the high road where Chiron falls in our charts is the only answer. It is the place where we cannot cheat, even a little or our own poison arrow comes back to zap us. We can never comporomise our ethical standards where Chiron is placed in our charts.. Finding out the sign house andd aspects Chiron is making in your chart can help to keep you from your own poison arrows!

Contact Julie Kelly to find out where Chiron is in your chart.

Aspects to the Natal Chart of the USA

Posted on October 24, 2011

Here is a presentation I made last month at Pecha Kucha Night in Taos, New Mexico. I want to thank Maurice Lavenant for information and inspiration for this article.

I’m fascinated with the wealth of information in the Natal Chart of the United States. This chart illuminates the United States’ basic character, personality, its approach to its people and government and defines its role in relationship to the rest of the world.

Tonight I’ll discuss the aspects and challenges in the natal chart of the United States. This chart affects all of us as we are the United States.

The birth chart of the U.S. has four planets, all in the 7th house of relationships and open enemies, implying a public face of sensitivity to others and an inner obsession with security at any cost.

With four planets in Cancer, representing the public persona of the U.S., it tends to present a bossy mother-knows-best face to others, but is obsessed with its own security and has a tendency to exaggerate security issues. Pluto in Capricorn, opposing these four Cancer planets, from the U.S. area of money and finances, reflects a fixed, inflexible, conservative approach to its own monetary needs ahead of sharing or cooperating with others and a tendency to keep real motives hidden.

The  U.S. natal Mercury, opposing powerful Pluto from the U.S. area of money and finances, suggests an obsession with money and a tendency to abuse it and deep-seated, hidden issues regarding the sharing of resources.

The U.S. also has Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and lies to self and others, in the U.S. area of law and ethics This planet is stressfully aspecting the U.S. Mars, the planet of war and aggression. This aspect reflects a subversive, covert and underhanded element, a dishonesty in managing war and aggression.

The aspects the U.S. is experiencing now are called squares and oppositions – Aspects of challenge to change. These aspects are seen as difficult adjustments.

This year transiting Uranus will stressfully aspect both the natal Venus and Jupiter of the U.S. These two aspects demand radical changes in the handling of resources, money and finance, as well as the techniques of running the government offices.

Uranus demands a more humanitarian, up-to-date approach that includes the needs of the U.S. citizens as a group. These squares can reflect a radical, unexpected change of direction that will affect the money and finances of the U.S. citizens and change the course of government techniques. These squares, from Uranus in the U.S. area of the public, could cause a great division among different groups of people, who see their security threatened, both for and against these changes and could ultimately stimulate more public involvement.

These squares to Uranus directly affect the rights of the public and are asking for a stronger participation in how tax money is spent. Uranus the planet of revolution will continue to agitate the public to demand change. While Pluto opposing the U.S. planets will trigger a desire in the citizens toward more openness in both government and hidden impersonal monetary controls.
Transiting Pluto in the U.S. area representing money and finance, opposite the U.S. Cancer planets, will be a struggle between hidden wealth, impersonal corporate issues and the personal rights, finances, and taxes of the U.S. citizens. This will be a chance for a change of direction, but the doctrine of permanent war and population control as well as the countless wounds inflicted on people for decades as a result of this approach have been integrated into the economy for so long that it will require extreme effort to achieve radical change.

But as these oppositions confront the traditional and hidden motives of the U.S. government, more and more previously submerged manipulations by wealthy individuals, impersonal corporate entities, as will as the government itself, will be dramatically revealed. These revelations will further agitate citizens toward much needed changes. These aspects happen periodically and offer us an opportunity to upgrade our public participation and make constructive changes in government techniques. But these Uranus and Pluto aspects specifically ask for more public participation in government decisions.

Surely, we know no amenities are forthcoming – no arts, schools, services, roads, bridges, jobs will appear without Saturn – the planet of preparation, hard work, responsibilities and taxes. These change aspects happening in the U.S. chart challenge us to assert our voices as a group. With Pluto aspects, power structures are changing. Now public rights and public responsibilities can change. Collectively, Pluto and Uranus request that the tax-paying public’s voice and citizens’ rights be counted in techniques of running the government. With the US. Moon in Aquarius the citizens will always rally for higher ideals,equality within the group and the cutting edge of revolutionary directions.

In conclusion, through it seems that astrological odds are stacked against us, it is up to the American people to stand against these tyrannies and create a new order. We must choose healthier ways to express our energy and drive than perpetual war, destruction of the earth and/or nuclear oblivion. If we fail to change, we can expect ecological ruin and omnipresent war into the 22nd Century. Without change, the United States will follow in the footsteps of the empires of the past and the glorious possibilities will crumble with potentially catastrophic results for the people, the country and the planet.

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